EDB’s announcement : Arrangement of Special Vacation in 2021/22 School Year


Dear Parents,

     Hong Kong's fifth wave of COVID-19 epidemic is very severe, the EDB has announced that all schools in Hong Kong will adjust the summer vacation arrangement of all schools in the current school year by bringing forward the holidays from July / August to March / April. The school holiday will begin from 7th March 2022 to 24th  April 2022(including the Easter holiday), and the last day of the current school year would be set to 12th August. (The school has tentatively set to resume in-person classes on

25th April 2022.)

     The EDB will continue to closely monitor the epidemic's development and take into account of professional advice from health experts as well as discuss with the school sector; review and adjust the aforementioned arrangements, and make announcements timely.  

     Please pay attention to updated notices from the EDB or visit our school website.