【暑期「家」油站】活動 (Only in Chinese)

【暑期「家」油站】活動(Only in Chinese)

《兒童及青少年接種COVID-19 疫苗、用藥需知及感染後在家照顧需知》網上講座 (Chinese Only)

《兒童及青少年接種COVID-19 疫苗、用藥需知及感染後在家照顧需知》網上講座 (只提供中文內容)

Sai Kung Vaccination Day

Sai Kung Vaccination Day (14-3-2022)

Support Service for Special Vacation

Support Service for Special Vacation


EDB’s announcement : Arrangement of Special Vacation in 2021/22 School Year


UPDATE: Suspension of Face-to-Face Class (Learning Resources from the Internet)

EDB’s announcement : Extension of Suspension of Face-to-Face Class for All Schools

EDB’s announcement on suspension of face-to-face classes in response to pandemic